Silas’ mission is to inspire health through individual fitness, nutrition and Self-discovery. A leading expert in Families health and wellness, Silas has been featured in Muscle & fitness Magazine, Soldier Magazine and presenter for many private and corporate events. As a personal trainer and owner of Image Nutrition, Silas helps people discover the physical and emotional rewards you get from strength and movement. He combines that experience with helping individuals build a strong body from within and lose weight naturally through clean eating.

Silas J Gold AKA “THE IMAGE”

Owner of Image Nutrition/ www.lmage-Nutrition.com

Military Veteran

International Fitness Association {IFA) Certified

International Fitness Association {IFA) Certified Nutritionist

Over 20 years’ experience in Health and Fitness

11 Bodybuilding Competitions

Leading expert in Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness

Promote and practice diverse health and fitness programs to keep clients motivated and increase physical and mental strength