3-in-1 formula (World’s First Adrenotropic™) with Brain Support, Adrenal Health, and B-Vitamin Complex Adaptogens for Stress-alleviation Nootropics for Focus, Memory & Clarity Vitamins & Minerals for Health & Vitality The ONLY product on the market to comprehensively support Brain & Adrenal Health Increase Focus & Clarity Support Memory & Mental Sharpness Alleviate Stress & Distraction Boost Natural Energy Levels Protect & Promote Adrenal Health Promote Cellular Energy Enhance Performance & Productivity.

Sleep – LTP

The only ZMA nighttime product on the market to support body & brain recovery
Hangover-free formula
Designed to address sleep recovery on all levels- Rest, Replenishment & Fortification

Consume before bedtime for deep, restful sleep

Promote Relaxation + Deep Sleep
Support Brain & Synaptic Health
Promote Muscle Recovery
Hormonal & Immune Support
Wake up Revitalized & Refreshed

Terra Test

Plant-based ingredients designed address levels in three, distinct ways:

  1. Provide nutrients critical for levels
  2. Promote free testosterone production
  3. Inhibit the conversion of estrogen

TerraTest contains ingredients proven to raise T levels.

Consume daily upon waking.

Take with 12-16oz. of water.

May also be used for PCT.